onwards and upwards

Kia ora!

Long-time members will have noticed the changes around here recently. Net Instruments is undergoing a major renewal to create an even more dynamic community. The site is faster, better looking, has better categorisation of listings and individual listings are rated higher on Google. Traffic has doubled already, meaning better results for your listings!

And there are lots more new features coming soon.

You’ll be able to add keywords to each instrument to improve the Google ranking of your listing. The community will be able to add comments to each listing and feedback on each advertizer. We are working on a Facebook group to keep everyone up to date with the latest instruments and news. Did I say, your listings are already getting a higher Google ranking!

For dealers and makers, you can now become a Net Instruments Associate for a small monthly subscription. The Net Instruments Associate Program is arguably the most highly targetted musical instrument advertising you can get. As an Associate you also improve the Google ranking for your profile and your own web site. And we’re adding more features soon like fuller profiles and branding tiles for our Associates.

But the biggest change here will be increasing community participation.

MattTo kick off, I want to introduce myself. I am a musician, living in the awesome city of Wellington, New Zealand. I started this site back in 1997 to help musicians connect and I see from the logs that we’ve served over 30 million pages – not bad!

Now, we want more input from you!

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What do you want to see on Net Instruments? Post your comments below.

Until next time…

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7 Responses to “onwards and upwards”

  1. Ronnie Gerber Says:

    Good afternoon. I might be on the wrong site to ask this. Please assist if you can.

    I have a friend who has a violin that he would want a value on. The following are on/in the violin


    It then has a tree like logo with the date 1602 inside.

    Realy would appreciate your help

  2. rocco Says:

    I need to search classical guitars for a specific maker. How? Advanced Search is not helpful. I see =no search capabilities.

  3. Matt Says:

    Ronnie, please contact one of our Associates with your question.

    See /links/

  4. Matt Says:

    Rocco, we are redeveloping Advanced Search at present as part of a major renewal of the site. It will be available soon.

  5. Cesar Lebel Says:

    Matt, just a quick thanks for starting the web page , i have enjoyed it for a number of years now .
    Cesar Lebel

  6. BetsyF Says:

    How can I add keyworks/tags to my ad?

  7. Matt Says:

    Betsy, we’re working on this as an enhancement at present and it should be available during February.


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