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musical instrument search help

Our search engine is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. However it is also complex and capable of processing detailed criteria.

This page will help you get the most from your searches.


    Choose one instrument category from the list. For selecting sub-categories (for example, category: flute, sub-category: headjoint), see the keyword section below.

ad type

    Choose to view 'for sale', 'wanted' ads, or both.

price from / to

    Specify price limits to narrow your search. These limits must be specified using ONLY numbers. Do not use $ sign, or commas.

    DO NOT TYPE $4000
    DO TYPE 4000


    Specify the currency you wish to use. All instrument prices will be converted into the currency you specify.

    View the list of our current exchange rates.

keyword (sub category)

    Use a keyword to narrow your search. Keywords may be useful to isolate a sub-category. For example, if you wanted to find category: flute, sub-category: headjoint, you should use the keyword 'headjoint'.

    Keywords are case-insensitive which means typing headjoint, Headjoint or HEADJOINT is the same thing.

    The search algorithm matches any words which begin the same way as your keyword. A useful example is using 'strad' to find ALL of strad, stradivari, stradivarius etc, or 'stein' to find steinway and steinweg.

    Multiple keywords are not supported. To be implemented in a future update of the search function.

country / state / city

    You can specify the country or group of countries you wish to search using the country list. You can also specify state(/region) and city by typing in the appropriate fields.

    For countries other than the USA, Canada and Australia, we are dividing the country into usefully searchable regions, rather than official states. This work is in progress, and some countries don't yet have any state divisions programmed.

    Different spellings and abbreviations are allowed. Some examples are:

    ny New York
    lon London
    la, los angeles Los Angeles
    ca, ny... (2 letter abbreviations) US states

view country divisions

    Use this form to select your country to see how it is divided, and to check allowable abbreviations:


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Used Bassoon Renard - Fox Model 41
Hermann Hauser 1911
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