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39464 Amp: Hill Amplification

Repair & restoration of all major and minor brand classic and or vinta...
amp image: Hill Amplification
Zumbrota, MN, USA

38730 Amp: How to cooperation with chinese tube guitar amp

How to make business with kldguitar in OEM and ODM ? 1. OEM business....
nantong, China

39529 Amp: vintage Danelectro DS 50

I have a DS 50 in great condition for sale. I need the cash. One speak...
amp image
$1200 or best offer
Youngstown, OH, USA

39486 Amp: Line 6 Half Stack w/ Spider III head and 150W stereo cab

This amp in in very good condition. It has been barely used and taken ...
$700 or best offer
Richmond, VA, USA

39463 Amp: Rare Krell KMA 160 amplifiers

Rare classic speaker amplifiers for sale: Krell KMA 160 mono solid sta...
Glendale, CA, USA

39466 Amp: Mesa Boogie Heartbreaker head and 2x12 cab

I have a mint Mesa Heartbreaker head with footswitch that I would like...
Winston-Salem, NC, USA

39449 Amp: Presonus Bluetube Dual-Path Mic Preamp for sale

I have a Presonus Bluetube Dual-Path Tube Microphone Preamp for sale o...
amp image
Presonus Bluetube Mic Preamp $130 or best offer
Bloomington, IN, USA

39397 Amp: 1970 Kustom Bass Amp Head & Cabinet 200W Sparkle Blue VG Cond.

1970 Kustom Bass Head and Cabinet in very good working condition. 200 ...
amp image
$850 negotiable
Morgantown, WV, USA

39363 Amp: Mark Levinson No.33 Reference Power Amplifier

Mark Levinson No.33 Reference Monaural Power Amplifier, 200-250Voltag...
amp image
Hollywood, FL, USA

39294 Amp: Eden David Series Bass Cab

Hello I am selling my Eden Bass Cabniet David Series Model # D410-t ...
$500 OBO
West Covina, CA, USA

39285 Amp: McIntosh MC-1201 Monoblock Power Amplifiers MC1201 Amps

In today's ultra competitive money driven business world many companie...
amp image
Miami, FL, USA

39255 Amp: Expert Repair for your Amp by Blackie Pagano

Tubesville Technical Services, specializing in repair, restoration, up...
amp image
Los Angeles, CA, USA

39250 Amp: Trace Elliot 715x Bass Combo (new model)

Excellent 500w bass amp. 15� special design Celestion speaker. High fr...
amp image
$1000 or nearest offer
Manchester, England

38769 Amp: Hand Made Guitar Cabinets

Saxon Cabs. Hand Made Speaker Cabs. Loaded or Unloaded. Built by a...
amp image
Hanover, Canada

37447 Amp: EARWIG guitar/bass headphone amp

This handcrafted guitar/bass headphone amplifier from EA SOUND DESIGN ...
amp image
Montreal, Canada

38369 Amp: 30w tube guitar amplifier assembly kits

CKldguitar pay attention to develop tube guitar amps many years. The p...
amp image
nantong, China

38368 Amp: 5w Class A tube guitar amplifier embedded attenuator

A fun and affordable tribute to Kldguitar model Kldguitar GT5 amp is ...
amp image
nantong, China

38745 Amp: RG Series electric guitar amp

RG-15 AMP Power output 15W RMS at 1.0% THD INTO 4Ω Controls: ...
amp image
FOB Shenzhen $17
shenzhen, China

38921 Amp: Peavey TNT 150 Bass Amp.

15" speaker.solid state.9 band EQ,effects loop,chorus,and high and low...
$250 +shipping
DeKalb, IL, USA

38779 Amp: Marshall Half Stack

MARSHALL HALF STACK (w/ custom-installed locking wheels) FOR SALE! ...
$900 or best offer
Sioux Falls, SD, USA

38715 Amp: Marshall Half Stack

Marshall head tube amp MKIII 2100 model. Great sound, you do not n...
East Meadow, NY, USA

38718 Amp: Vegas 400 Peavey amp

Used but like new Vegas 400 Peavey Amplifier in great condition sound...
amp image
$450 + shipping
Charlotte, NC, USA

38685 Amp: Crate MX-120R Amplifier Like New

Barely used only as a back-up amp Excellent condition 100 watts 2- 12"...
amp image
$200 OBO
Denver, NC, USA

38686 Amp: KUSTOM KGA30 30 WATT AMP Barely Used

Like new only used a few times a a practice amp. Powered be celetion...
amp image
$180 OBO
Denver, NC, USA

38698 Amp: '65 Twin Reverb.

Fender Vintage Reissue '65 Twin Reverb. This one has not been playe...
$1400 or best offer + shipping
Waterloo, Canada

38699 Amp: '65 Twin Reverb.

Fender Vintage Reissue '65 Twin Reverb. This one has not been playe...
amp image
$1400 or best offer + shipping
Waterloo, Canada

38626 Amp: Vintage Peavey Amp

3 channel Peavey 70's amplifier with an 18" Black Widow speaker. This...
3 channel Vintage 70's amp. $500 or best offer.
Buffalo, NY, USA

38625 Amp: Crate Amp Head and Cab

120w Crate 3 channel amp head. Awesome for all styles of music. Like...
120w 3 channel amp & 4x12 cab $450 or best offer.
Buffalo, NY, USA

38616 Amp: Vintage Vibrolux Reverb - 'spanks the re-issue!

'74, professionally blackfaced by Angelo Marruzzi, new Weber Ferromax ...
Santa Monica, CA, USA

38615 Amp: Vintage Vibrolux Reverb - 'spanks the re-issue!

'74, professionally blackfaced by Angelo Marruzzi, new Weber Ferromax ...
Santa Monica, CA, USA

38575 Amp: Hartke Amp and Bass XL Series

Great Sounding Amplifier. I have had it for years but barely play it. ...
$500 or best offer
Chicago, IL, USA

38565 Amp: Marshall JCM 2000 TSL 122 All Valve Combo

You are looking at a used, but in VERY GOOD condition Marshall JCM2000...
amp image
Glasgow, Scotland

38381 Amp: Fender FM212R 100 Watt Amp

FM212R 100 Watt Amp. Great Amp. I love it. I'm only getting rid of it ...
amp image
Blairstown, NJ, USA

38340 Amp: Polytone Tarus Elite Amp

3 channel Amp with pedal,echo, etc. In very good condition, used very ...
Coeur d'' Alene, ID, USA

38243 Amp: Peavey Delta Blues w/JBL D-130 speaker!

A mint condition Peavey Delta Blues amplifier, retrofitted with a vint...
amp image
St. Louis, MO, USA

38151 Amp: Vintage Fender amps

Great white skin Fender Vintage champ 12 amp call for details 770-337-...
amp image
Atlanta, GA, USA

29008 Amp: Lee Jackson Metaltronix Amplifiers and Effects

World Famous Lee Jackson Metaltronix Hand Made All Tube Guitar Amplifi...
amp image
Austin, TX, USA

38077 Amp: Line 6 Spider3 120 watt

I am looking to sell my Line 6 Spider3 guitar amp. Amp was purchased ...
$300 best offer
Nutley, NJ, USA


Adelanto, CA, USA

37880 Amp: crate gx-20m

works great pretty loud ...
Bethlehem, PA, USA

37742 Amp: TS AP-30 Guitar Amplifier

Control :Volume(Clean),High,Mid,Low presence Jack : 3 In...
amp image
Jieyang city, China

37741 Amp: TS GM-160

"27 modeled sounds Control :Volume(Drive),Calif,Britsh,Twee(Amp),...
amp image
Jieyang city, China

37617 Amp: Torque TG106 Electric Guitar amp

System: High performance Electric Guitar Amplifier Power Output: 10W...
amp image
London, England

37289 Amp: Marshall AVT150 Head w/Footswitch

Im selling a Marshall Avt150 head with the 6 button footswith this a...
$550 + shipping
Owensboro, KY, USA

37241 Amp: Fender Twin Pro Tube Amp (100w)

This amp is LOUD and very clean. I used it as a studio amp and no long...
firm $600 cash
Leesburg, VA, USA

37179 Amp: B-52 AT 212 All Tube Amplifier (PICS)

It is B-52 AT with 2 12" speakers. It is an extremely versatile amp be...
amp image
$450 or best offer
Flint, MI, USA

37130 Amp: Hartke 2115 Bass Combo

Selling this Hartke Bass Combo since I don't play bass anymore and don...
amp image
$549 +shipping
Helsinki, Finland

37008 Amp: Fender Pro 185 Solid State 165 Watt Guitar Amp

Fender Pro 185 Solid State Combo - 165 watts, 2 12" speakers This i...
amp image
Boston, MA, USA

37228 Amp: Leslie wanted 147/122/145

Hi I need a leslie for my organ a 122/147/or145 will work fine thanks...
Brooklyn, NY, USA
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